Inverness Orienteering Club, or INVOC as we are better known, is the local orienteering club for the Inverness area and much of the rest of highland Scotland. If you are new to orienteering, our New to orienteering? page offers a starting point  to find out a bit more about the sport, and our About INVOC page tells you a little bit about the club.

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Welcome to the INVOC website.

Recent website updates:

17 Sept: Homepage tidy up

13 Sept: Craig Phadrig iROMP details added

13 Sept: UHI and Raigmore event details added

Our current event(s):  Urban Series and iROMPs 

All of INVOC's 2020's fixtures including iROMPs and MAPRUNs can be found by clicking the link here

Athletes' COVID-19 Code of Conduct: here


September 13th 2020 for 5 weeks. Craig Phadrig iROMP.   Controls are now out for an orange and green course at Craig Phadrig.   Maps and info are being distributed with the eNews.  Self-timing and input your time via a form on our website.  You need to be responsible for your own safety. 
Course and safety info here. Maps sent by email in eNews. 

Results: Submit your time here; Compare your time to others  here 

***** Littlemill iROMP will remain out until the end of September   Course and safety info here. Maps sent by email in eNews. *****************

Urban Series

Sunday September 13th (for 2 weeks).  UHI and Raigmore Urban.  3rd of four events making the urban series.  See options below for recording your time and getting control punching (from self-timing to install apps on your phone or watch).  Two courses for the urban series a short and a long.  To count for the urban league complete by Sunday 27th September.

********* The change in SOA event guidance means BASOC and MOR club members can also run our urban events from 24th August, and we can publish the maps on our website **********

Event details here.          Urban Leagues current standings 

Long Course:  download map    Current leaderboard Routegadget

Short course: download map    Current leaderboard Routegadget


Options for doing the MapRun courses:

  1. For those not using MapRunF app submit your time for the urban league here; or
  2. For those with a GPS watch but not using MapRunF upload your GPX track here to appear in MapRun leaderboards and have your route checked; or
  3. For control punching, splits, etc. use the MapRunF app on your phone (you can try linking via bluetooth to the GPS on your watch to improve GPS); or
  4. For those with compatible Garmin watches install MapRunG IQ App on your Garmin watch and set your watch GPS functions to most accurate.  More info here


 Our next event(s): 

September 24th 2020 for 2 weeks. Lochardil Urban. Last of 4 urban events.

mid-October to end of November: Achtemearck iROMP. More details to follow.

Training and Coaching:

Technique training:  On hold.  2020 Training Groups

iJOS Lockdown Website

iROMP (forest) & MAPRUN (urban) :   iROMP distribution list.

See the Events page for all forthcoming INVOC fixtures and links to other clubs' and national fixture lists.  

Running training: The park run is a regular for many INVOCs including our best runners  ***** park run is on hold due to Covid-19 ****. For those using Strava as a training log join the INVOC Strava club. This week's Strava training league table is here 

Our next Team INVOC races:

  • Sun Oct 18th. Compass Sport Cup Final.  Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands CANCELLED
  • Sat/Sun Oct 24/25: Junior Inter-Areas Stirling and Glasgow.  CANCELLED

The next few 'local' events 





Sept 13th to  end of Oct iROMP Craig Phadrig
11th September for 2 weeks Urban League 3 - MAPRUN Raigmore and UHI
24th Sept for 2 weeks Urban League 4 - MAPRUN Lochardil
mid-Oct to end of Nov iROMP Achtemarack, Drumnadrochit
Sun 1st November Local event Achtemarack, Drumnadrochit
mid-Nov to end of Dec iROMP Carse of Ardesier
Sun 29th November Local Event Carse of Ardesier

See the Events page for all forthcoming INVOC fixtures and links to other clubs' and national fixture lists.   

2021 SOLs and Scottish Champs dates will be published when we know them - subject to Covid.

Kinmylies Urban - Aug 22nd to Sept 11th

[posted 17 Sept 2020]

Thanks to Oscar Shepherd for planning  and Jon Shepherd for organising our second urban event using MapRun.  Again more than 30 people took part.  MapRUn courses remain open until Nov 1st if you would like to have a go.  

Event details

Long Course:  Map  Leaderboard  Routegadget

Short course:  Map  Leaderboard  Routegadget


 Inshes Park Urban - Aug 7th to 21st

[posted 30th August 2020]

Thanks to Laurence Cload for planning our first urban event using MapRun.  More than 30 people took part.  MapRUn courses remain open until Nov 1st if you would like to have a go.  ***** From Aug 24th maps available from website and courses open to MOR and BASOC *****

Event Details. 

Long course: Download map   Leaderboard  Routegadget     

Short course: Download map   Leaderboard  Routegadget

Ord Hill iROMP - July 20th August 31st

[posted 30th August 2020]

Thanks to Oscar Shepherd and Jon Shepherd for our first forest orienteering for a long time.  With yellow, orange and green courses on Ord Hill.  Not everyone who did it posted their times, but for those who did you can see the results here.  For those that didn't you can still add your time for others to see and to add to their enjoyrment.

Results: Submit your time here; Compare your time to others  here