Inverness Orienteering Club, or INVOC as we are better known, is the local orienteering club for the Inverness area and much of the rest of highland Scotland. If you are new to orienteering, our New to orienteering? page offers a starting point  to find out a bit more about the sport, and our About INVOC page tells you a little bit about the club.

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Welcome to the INVOC website.

Recent website updates:

9th August: Inshes Urban Maprun Details

7th August: Inshes Park Urban event info added.

27th July: Fixtures on homepage updated (Inshes Park Urban)

Our next event(s): 

All of INVOC's 2020's fixtures including iROMPs and MAPRUNs can be found by clicking the link here


Friday August 7th (for 2 weeks).  Inshes Park Urban.  1st of four events making the urban series.  Self-time or use MAPRUN app on your phone for GPS based timing and control punching.  Two courses for the urban series a short and a long, and specially for this one a snaily course (where your ‘track’ will make a snail shape).  Maps distributed via eNews.  Courses open until Friday 21st August.

Event details here.

For those not using MAPRUN submit your time for the urban league here 

Athletes' COVID-19 Code of Conduct: here


July 20th 2020 to 31st August. Ord Hill iROMP.   Tapes for yellow, orange and green courses in Ord Hill are now out.  Maps and info are being distributed with the eNews.  Self-timing and input your time via a form on our website.  This is a personal training activity and you need to be responsible for your own safety. 

Course and safety info here. Maps sent by email in eNews. 

Athletes' COVID-19 Code of Conduct: here

Results: Submit your time here; Compare your time to others  here


Virtual Orienteering event(s) on your sofa: 

Nairn Google StreetView Sprint Orienteering: Based on WOC 2015 Mixed sprint course.  Planners iJOS member Finlay Sime and coach James Laird. Open to all orienteers (not just INVOC) [free].

Record your time and results will automatically be registered. Map, link to start point, rules and control quiz are available at the link below:

Go to Nairn Google StreetView competition [free]


Training and Coaching:

Technique training:  On hold.  2020 Training Groups

iJOS Lockdown Website

iROMP (forest) & MAPRUN (urban) :   iROMP distribution list.




 mid-July to end of August  iROMP  Ord Hill
7th August for 2 weeks
Inshes Park
 mid-August to end of September  iROMP  Littlemill
21st August for 2 weeks MAPRUN Kinmylies
mid-September to  end of October iROMP Craig Phadrig
10th September for 2 weeks MAPRUN Raigmore and UHI
24th Sept for 2 weeks MAPRUN Dingwall

See the Events page for all forthcoming INVOC fixtures and links to other clubs' and national fixture lists.  

Running training: The park run is a regular for many INVOCs including our best runners  ***** park run is on hold due to Covid-19 ****. For those using Strava as a training log join the INVOC Strava club. This week's Strava training league table is here 

Our next Team INVOC races:

  • Sun Oct 18th. Compass Sport Cup Final.  Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
  • Sat/Sun Oct 24/25: Junior Inter-Areas Stirling and Glasgow.  

The next few 'local' events 







 Sun 27th Sept tbc  INVOC  Local tbc  tbc
 Sun 8th Nov  INVOC Local tbc  tbc

See the Events page for all forthcoming INVOC fixtures and links to other clubs' and national fixture lists.   

For 2020 Scottish Orienteering League fixtures: SOL1 Feb 15th Darnaway, others to follow.  2020 Scottish Championships: to follow

The JST Alternative - 7th to 14th June 2020

[posted 19th June 2020]

Last week the 2020 ‘Alternative Jamie Stevenson Challenge’ set the interesting challenge of devising and running a course in the shape of a horse (one of the JST trophies). The juniors proved themselves to be both fast thinking and creative with some stunning results carefully crafted in their local woodland and parks. It was great to see the spread of local venues selected; from Ord Hill (definitely the most difficult terrain for fine artwork) to Inshes (where the Cload family made imaginative use of the streets and parkland near their house). We had several prize winners at the SOA Zoom Presentation on Sunday night: Angus Laird, 1st M14 for his “Horse with 2 foals”; Iona Scott 3rd M/W12, Erica Cload, 3rd M/W12 and special prize for Hazel Cload for her “Snail Trail”, W10, Henrik Borrowman 3rd in M/W10, and Charlotte Burton W14 for her mapmaking

The junior team effort has been outstanding and the following have been awarded additional “INVOC” prizes for exceptional effort. 

  • Charlotte Burton who went the extra mile of mapping her own local woods at Milton – meticulous work and creative with her horse!
  • Oscar Shepherd. It may have looked like a cat but it inspired the younger juniors to get out there and give it a try. Many Thanks!
  • Henrik and Lucie Borrowman for their handsome Craig Phadrig stallion

Well done to all. Pictures of all the INVOC entries can be viewed here.

Scottish Orienteering write up with lost of mentions of INVOC can be viewed here.  


[posted 19th June 2020]

Phase 2 orienteering information from Scottish orienteering.  No real change from Phase 1. 

[posted 2nd June]

Phase 1 of opening up orienteering has been released by Scottish Orienteering. It’s a step but we don’t see much changing from an orienteering perspective in Phase 1. INVOC is now starting preparations for iROMPs and MapRunF. There will be a lead in time from when planners/organisers are allowed to visit an area and when an event can be held.  We will be putting a call out soon for volunteers.

In the meantime if you are intending on doing a training run on an old map please be considerate of the local residents and landowners, who we depend on for access for our events - eg by not driving more than the 5 mile limit, parking considerately, avoiding touching gates and stiles where possible and not parking in ‘closed’ car parks.

In terms of actual events these look like local club only events will be permitted under Phase 2, with regional events permitted under Phase 3.  We have taken the decision to cancel our national SOL event at Anagach at the end of September, and are postponing Achtemerack by a month subject to Scottish Orienteering developing guidelines for the safe running of our sport and landowners giving us permission.  Inbetween times the committee decided to try and run some virtual competitions based on iROMPs and shifting the September urban series to MapRunF, but bringing it forward slightly. More information will be circulated shortly including calls for volunteers.

Keep safe, keep others safe and keep active. 

INVOC Committee