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What is orienteering?

Orienteering is incredibly friendly for beginners. We're a small sport so there'll always be someone to help you get the hang of things. Please come to one of our events, check out the local permanent courses, or find us on Facebook to see what's going on in the club. If you have any questions please contact us.


 INVOC member Laurence Cload deep in concentration and ready to run. He is wearing a GPS watch (this won't be used to navigate, but he will be able to upload his GPS track later to Routegadget in order to analyse his route). He is about to insert a SportIdent timing chip into the start box. In his left hand he is holding a map & compass, and mounted on his left wrist is a small board displaying the descriptions of all the controls he will visit out on his course. None of this equipment (apart from the map!) is essential - you can take part with normal running equipment. Long trousers are always advised (except for urban events where you won't be running through undergrowth), and it's always worth digging out a compass if you have one (or just borrow one from us)

If you're new to orienteering it can all seem a bit difficult to understand - types of event, courses, colours, age classes, maps, descriptions, electronic timing, entries....all this can be demystified for you! Just have a quick read of this little article from the Active Outdoors magazine. 

If you're over 18 and want to get into orienteering,  the National Orienteering Centre at Glenmore Lodge offer have brilliant non-residential weekend courses.

If you want to find out a bit more about orienteering, the Scottish Orienteering Association website has a New to Orienteering? section with helpful articles, and the British Orienteering website has an About Orienteering section which includes a Newcomer's Guide.

Alternatively, just crack on and have a go. Just check our website for details of nearby events, head along and see how you get on. As all out event you'll find at least one person wearing a bright vest saying "ASK ME FOR HELP" - guess what, if you ask them for help, they'll help you! You don't need any special equipment, just what you would normally take for a walk or run out in the woods.

Staff from Inverness branch of Run4It helping out at 2015 Vizionteering event. Manager Ryan Mackenzie wears the INVOC "Ask me for Help" vest.