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2023 Club League

Click here for current standings in the leagues

Counting events will be INVOC Level C and Level D events, Moravian Level C events, BASOC Level C events, Compass Sport Cup, JST (M/W14s- league only) and local SOL events (in INVOC, Moravian or BASOC areas).  As there are reduced numbers of these this year the committee has decided to include two SOLs nearby that two days from the Scottish 6 Day. 

The 2023 events are:  Compass Sport Cup (Feb 12th); INVOC Rogie Falls (Feb 26th); SOL1 Errochty, Blair Atholl (March 12th); SOL3 Dunalistair, Loch Rannoch (April 23rd); INVOC Carse (June 11th); JST (M/14- league only) (June 18th);  Day 1 S6D Lossie, Lossiemouth (July 30th); S6D Day 4 Culbin (long distance); Forres (August 3rd); MOR Regional event (Sept 9th); SOL4 Loch Vaa (Sept 24th); INVOC Carse (Sept 30th), INVOC Littlemill, (Nov 5th); Compass Sport Trophy Final, Bristol (Nov 12th).

Good luck everyone!  


2022 Club League

Counting events will be INVOC Level C and Level D events, Moravian Level C events, BASOC Level C events, Compass Sport Cup and local SOL events (in INVOC, Moravian or BASOC areas). 

There are expected to be six events, so the best 4 will count: INVOC events at Craig Phadrig (Feb), Craig Leach (March), Anagach (Sept) and Carse (Oct) (Cancelled). Compass Sport Cup at Callendar Crags (March, and BASOC events at Creag Dubh (Oct). Compass Sport Cup Final at Devilla (Oct). No MOR Level C events anticipated. 

2022 Club League here

Please report any errors to Marianne MacLeod This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.k


2021 Club League

Apologies for the delay in publishing these.  Thanks to all the organisers and planners.  Congratulations to all the participants and to the winners.

Final league standings

2020 Urban Mini League

Back for a third year in 2020, but under very different circumnstances - 4 urban events over August and September - Inshes Park, Kinmylies, Raigmore & UHI and Lochardil.

Use MapRunF App on your phone or self time. Best 3 results from the 4 events. Different from previous years, but league results are restricted to INVOC members due to Covid restrictions placed on Scottish Orienteering. 

Big Thanks to all Planners, Organisers and Helpers for the events. Congratulations to all who have competed, and to our winners. Standings after round the final Round:

Long   Short  

2020 Club League

Results after round 4 at the CSC in Errochty. League curtailed due to Covid. Any queries to league"at"

Senior Female    Senior Male   Junior Female    Junior Male


2019 Club League

The 2019 leagues had their final round at Carse of Arderseir, with some fine Autumnal weather and great courses. Provisional final positions: Any queries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Senior Female    Senior Male   Junior Female    Junior Male

Congratulations to all who have competed, and to our winners.


2019 Urban Mini League

Back for a second year in 2019 - 3 urban events on Friday evenings. League results are not restricted to INVOC members. 

A Big Thanks to all Planners, Organisers and Helpers for 3 fun events. Final Results:

Long   Short   Long Age Classes   Short Age Classes

 Congrats to the League winners:

  • Men's Open (long course) 1: Laurence Cload 2= Steve Scott & Colin Salisbury
  • Women's Open (long course): 1. Alison Matheson 2. Jane Pottie 3. Claire Acheson
  • Boys (short course): 1. Ben Webster 2. Callum Hudson 3. Ivan Steele
  • Girls (short course): 1. Catriona Garvie  2. Rachel Gillies 3. Iona Scott

 2018 Urban Mini League Results

Long   Short

The winners are:

  • Men's Open (long course) 1: Laurence Cload, 2. Alasdair Raynor, 3. Jon Shepherd
  • Women's Open (long course): 1. Alison Matheson, 2. Jane Pottie, 3. Megan Keith
  • Boys (short course): 1. Finlay Raynor, 2. Oscar Shepherd, 3. Sean Hardie
  • Girls (short course): 1. Tina Hardie,  2. Clara Davidson, 3. Jennifer Davidson

 2018 Club League

The 2018 league has now finished and there was strong competition right up to the end. For the full results click the links below.

Senior Female    Senior Male   Junior Female    Junior Male



Final League Tables from Previous Years

2017    2016    2015    2014    2013    2012    2011    2010    2009    2008    2007    2006    2005    2004

Final League standings for 2017

Those of you who were there at the Littlemill event were presented with your trophies. Hopefully if you weren't able to be there your trophy has got to you by other means by now.

Click Here for a PDF of the tables

2017 League Winners
Some of the 2017 INVOC League winners




The INVOC Club League

 The INVOC Club League is an annual competition for INVOC club members. Members score points for successful completion of their course at designated League events through the year, and are ranked on their performance. The League was started to encourage club members to come to more local colour coded events and to give more competitive orienteering for members who didn't travel further afield to larger events. The League is split into different divisions and small trophies are awarded to the first 3 in each.

For 2018 the League rules have changed (see below) with the intention of encouraging greater participation at events and also to make things fairer for everyone. As this is the first year with the new system it may not work perfectly at first so bear with us. The 4 leagues are:

Senior Male League - for M18+

Senior Female League - for W18+

Junior Male League - for M12, M14 and M16

Junior Female League - for W12, W14 and W16

British Orienteering Rankings: Second year M/W16s and above who are British Orienteering members are also included in the BO Rankings - a sort of giant UK-wide league. You can get ranking points at most Level C and other bigger events. You can look at your position in the club, in your age class, or in Scotland - no prizes, but it can be fun and a challenge to try and climb the list. Your six best scores over a rolling year count. Have a look on the British Orienteering website rankings page.

 The Leagues Explained - information, rules etc.

Which events are included? INVOC Level C and Level D events, Moravian Level C events, BASOC Level C events, Compass Sport Cup and local SOL events (in INVOC, Moravian or BASOC areas). For all competitors the best 5 scores of the year count.

How does it work?

1. Every INVOC member will be allocated a standard course colour based on their age category following BOF guidelines as follows:

Age Class Colour   Age Class Colour
M10 Yellow   W10 Yellow
M12 Orange   W12 Orange
M14 Light Green   W14 Light Green
M16 Blue   W16 Green
M18 Brown   W18 Blue
M20 Brown   W20 Blue
M21 Brown   W21 Short Brown
M35 Brown   W35 Blue
M40 Brown   W40 Blue
M45 Short Brown   W45 Short Blue
M50 Short Brown   W50 Short Blue
M55 Blue   W55 Green
M60 Blue   W60 Green
M65 Short Blue   W65 Short Green
M70 Green   W70 Short Green
M75 Short Green   W75 Short Green
M80 Short Green   W80 Short Green

 2. If you run up or down from your designated colour then your score increases or decreases proportionally. If you run up a full colour (e.g. Green to Blue) then your score is increased by 20% and reduced by 20% if you run down a full colour. Running up or down within a colour (e.g. Short Blue to Blue) then it's a 10% multiplier. If you go up or down several colours then the multipliers add up (e.g. Yellow to Light Green means a 40% multiplier).

3. For each colour course in qualifying events the average of the first 3 finishers' times is calculated.

4. Finally you score is calculated using this formula:

Your score = (average of first 3 finishers)/your time) * 1000 * (colour multiplier from above table)


You are W40 so should run Blue but you run Brown (20% multiplier).

Average of first 3 on Brown = 4093 seconds

Your time = 4365 seconds

Your Score = 4093/4365 * 1000 * 1.2  = 1125

Event officials: If, at the end of the year, someone misses out on getting scores for the counting number of events for the year (e.g. has 3 scores when it is best 5 to count) due to planning, organising or controlling one of the League events they can claim points for that event. The points awarded would be the average of the person's other counting scores.

So what's the secret of winning? First of all, go to as many events as you can. You will see from the results that most years there are people who could have won their League if they had been to the full number of counting events, and people who go to more events can discard their lowest scores.