North Clubs















14th December - NNC Gallowhill

4th December - Evanton (Level D)

6th November - Keppernach (Level C)

2nd November - Vizionteering, Inverness

25th September - Anagach (Level C)

28th August - Nairn East Beach

12th June - Gallowhill

18th May - Carse (Evening & 3rd Schools Event)

8th May - Affric North SOL

27th April - Craig Phadraig (Evening & 2nd Schools Event)

13th April - Ord Hill (Evening & 1st Schools Event)

20th March - Littlemill

31st January - Nairn Urban

13th January - Culloden Woods (Northern Night Cup)

1st January - Ord Hill (New Year Score Event)


9th December - Kinmylies (Northern Night Cup)

29th November - Evanton Woods (Level D)

1st November - Anagach Woods (Level C)

28th October - Inverness Vizionteering in association with Run 4 It

27th September - Achagour and Belivat (Level C)

30th August - Nairn East Beach (Level D)

31st May - Creag Leach Level D and Moray and Highland Junior Championships

20th May - Ord Hill Schools League and Open Event

29th April - Craig Phadrig Schools League and Open Event

26th April - Camore (Level D)

1st April - Littlemill Schools League and Level D Event

29th March - Carse (Level C)

18th January - Littlemill (Level D)


5th October - CLASH WOOD Level D Event

25th June - LITTLEMILL Evening Event

11th June - CRAIG PHADRIG Evening Event

8th June - CRAIG LEACH Level C Event

28th May - EVANTON Evening Event + Schools

30th April - GALLOWHILL Evening Event + Schools

23rd March - ANAGACH Level C Event

1st January - CARSE Festive Frolic Local Score Event


10th November - COULMONY Level C Event

27th October - EVANTON WOOD Local Event

8th September - ABRIACHAN Level C Event

26th June - DARROCH Local Evening Event

12th June - LITTLEMILL Local Evening Event

2nd June - DALLASCHYLE Level C Event including the Moray and Highland Junior Champs

22nd May - ORD HILL Local Evening Event

8th May - NAIRN EAST BEACH Local Evening Event

24th April - DALREOCH Local Evening Event

21st April - CAMORE Local Event

14th April - ROGIE Level C Event

1st January - ORD HILL New Year Score Event


11th November - LITTLEMILL Level C Event

7th October - ANAGACH Level C Event

12th September - CRAIG PHADRIG Local Evening Event

29th August - CNOC A' BHREACAICH Local Evening Event

15th July - ROGIE Level C Event

6th June - DARROCH Local Evening Score Event

13th May - SOL 3 Level B Event, BATTAN

25th April - CLASH WOOD Local Evening Event

22nd April - CRAIG LEACH Level C Event

12th February - CARSE Level C Event

18th January - CLASH WOOD Night Event

1st January - ORD HILL New Year Score Event


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