12th September 2012 Craig Phadrig Evening Event Results

Organiser's Report
Thank you to everybody who turned up for the Craig Phadrig evening event on 12th September hopefully you enjoyed the courses and found them a good training exercise. The map was recently updated by Steve Smirthwaite from MOR with the help of Hector Haines I believe and although the terrain and features are generally mapped pretty well, I think Steve will agree that there are still some updates that are required to make it totally accurate, and if the area was a little bigger, then there might be scope for putting on a level 3 event in the area food for thought. I was pleasantly surprised at how technical some of Craig Phadrig was especially towards the far end of the map and round the large hill with the vitrified fort on top. I had initially intended on taking the Green course into the large area of light green on the Beauly Firth side of the map but the only real usable Green standard feature in that area was occupied by a bees' nest and I didnt think it would go down too well if you all came back with stings I ended up with 4 particularly painful ones on a Sunday morning about 3 weeks before the event.

Its been many years since I last planned any kind of event and the tools for planning have certainly improved the Condes software is very good and usable although it did take me a couple of days to figure out the features. I had initially thought about using EMIT for timing, but learning another software package was a step too far on this occasion. I have volunteered to plan another evening event next year (maybe in May) so Ill take that opportunity to learn EMIT.

Colin Salisbury, Organiser

Event was self-timed


Eric Todd            Junior    33:05
Neil McFadden        Junior    38:00
Claire Livingston    Senior    40:00
Ian McFadden         Junior    40:00
Lawrence Bodins-Bird Senior ?  No Time
Fiona Aitken         Senior    No Time
Jenny Blackwood      Junior    No Time
Megan Keith          Junior    No Time

Light Green

Pollyanna Grey        Junior   39:00
Kate Farman           Junior   No Time
Katie Urqhart         Junior   No Time
Siobhan Gebicke-Kerr  Junior   No Time
Daniel Lamont         Junior   No Time
Kieran Watts          Junior   No Time
Carol Muirhead        Senior   No Time
Sheena Forsyth        Senior   No Time
Claire Piper          Senior   No Time
Susan Blackwood       Senior   No Time
Ronan Blackwood       Junior   No Time
Donald Morris         Senior   No Time


Callum White          Junior   29:49
Elspeth Ingleby       Senior   45:52
James Laird           Senior   48:00
Rowan White           Junior   59:22
Sam Gebicke-Kerr      Junior   60:00
Ian Shepherd          Senior   62:00
Kevin Holliday        Senior   65:00
Barry Hunter          Senior   82:00
Colin Farman          Senior   86:00
Hannah Farman         Junior   No Time
Alex Farquharson      Junior   No Time
Stuart Dingwall       Junior   No Time
Elaine Jones          Senior   No Time
Douglas McKeith       Senior   No Time
Tom McKeith           Junior   No Time
Ray Walder            Senior   No Time
Ewan Cameron          Senior   No Time
Joy Cameron           Senior   No Time
Paul Borrowman        Senior   No Time
Finlay Todd           Junior   No Time
John McFadden         Senior   No Time
Steve Smirthwaite     Senior   No Time
Penelope Smirthwaite  Senior   No Time
George Reynolds       Senior   No Time