29th August 2012 Cnoc A' Bhreacaich Evening Event Results

Organiser's Report
Many thanks to everyone who came along to tonight's event and I'm glad the weather stayed drier than forecast. Here are the draft results apologies for the few missing times. Good to see some new faces and hope to see you again at the next event at Craig Phadrig in two weeks time.

Iain Shepherd, Organiser


Anais/Bridget/Louise Nadin    J/S  36.17
Fiona Aitken                  S    46.55

Light Green

Pollyanna Grey                J    39.59
Kieran Watts                  J    42.39
Hannah Farman                 J    55.33
Rhona Mackenzie               S    59.13
Katie Urquhart                J    67.27
Kate Farman                   J    67.44
Sheena Forsyth                S    69.37
Claire Piper                  S    69.50
Logan Mathieson               J    69.58
Daniel Lamont                 J    71.54
Siobhan Kerr                  J    72.14
Alex Farquharson              J    mp
Tina Haddon/Vivienne Rose     S    mp


Alec Keith                    S    27.11
Tom McKeith                   J    31.48
Elspeth Ingleby               S    32.47
Doug McKeith                  S    33.00
Rowan White                   J    37.16
Steve Smirthwaite             S    38.35
Marsela Macleod               S    38.37
Paul Borrowman                S    40.57
Wendy MacKinnon               S    41.00
Ray Walder                    S    46.28
George Reynolds               S    47.01
Colin Farman                  S    51.28
Joan Noble                    S    54.25
Jeremy Thomas                 S    56.41
David Summers                 S    57.06
Phil Hindle                   S    59.44
Rhona Fraser                  S    60.00
Tom Mathieson                 S    60.09
Elaine Jones                  S    65.12
Stuart Dingwall (and Callum White)  J  78.51
Sam Gebicke Kerr              J    50.44 (mp)
Ken Naismith                  S    mp