30th June 2009 Nairn East Beach Evening Event Results

It was great to see such a good turnout (58 official results plus some accompanying parents / partners). The weather was glorious - perhaps a bit too hot for some! I was particularly pleased to see so many juniors (36!!) at an evening event.

The courses seemed to be well received by most participants with some surprise expressed that Nairn East Beach could actually be suitable for a Green course. Many of the participants were keen to come to the next Tuesday evening event and were disappointed that the next date is not until 1st September.

The evening was enlivened by a visit from the Police and the Fire Brigade in response to our reports of forest 'fires' (thankfully only smouldering by the time they were reported).

There was a lively debate regarding the placement of a couple of controls in the vegetation alongside the sand dunes - it was finally decided that they were in the right area, albeit not set as far back into the vegetation as they should have been - my apologies for any confusion this caused.

A number of folk made the most of the good weather and went swimming in the sea following their orienteering - a rare opportunity!

I would like to say particular thanks to Sue Nicolson, Iain & Joanna Shepherd, and David Summers for collecting in the controls and to my husband Peter for his help throughout the day (on his 65th birthday!).

Elaine Jones


Aubrina Macpherson-Stewart   15:10
Lauryn McWilliam             20:07
Rachel Fraser                20:35
Rebecca Setford              21:31
Lucy Faulkner                22:37
Douglas Darling              23:04
Kevin Ramsey                 24:11
Duncan Fraser                24:55
Christopher Hornby           25:03
Alastair Ramsey              25:27
Cameron Torrance             25:28
Louise Dunton                26:03
Natalie Dunton               27:50
Duncan Macpherson-Stewart    30:32
Carolyn Cload                30:33
Jenna Fraser                 30:57
Fay Prosser                  34:00
Katie Rawlinson              34:07
Molly Nicholson              34:29


Andrew Barr + Dad            21:39
Robert Hornby                30:24
Juliette McDavitt            33:11
Isobel Setford               41:53
Thomas Limbrey               45:15
Heather Walton               50:21
Vivienne Rose                54:37
Jonathan Head                75:00 approx
Isla Head                    75:00 approx
Victoria Laidlaw             mp
Kevin Holliday               DNF
Claire Holliday              DNF
Alison Holliday              DNF

Light Green

Paul Borrowman                  55:08
Johnstone MacPherson-Stewart    60:26
Alan McLeod                     70:21
Tom Green                       90:27
Kyle Stewart                    Finished
Camron Moffat                   Finished
Johnstone C Macpherson-Stewart  mp
Eilidh Mackellar                DNF
Lesley Campbell                 DNF


Siggy Craig-Gould            25:05
Jon Hollingdale              27:39
Laurence Cload               28:27
Jonathan Warde               37:28
Iain Shepherd                38:15
Joanna Shepherd              39:27
Rupert Hornby                42:22
Charlie Walton               43:42
Amanda Smith                 46:33
Jordan Ledger                48:52
Agne Bankauskaite            52:22
David Summers                52:41
Catherine Pearks             69:08
Sue Nicolson                 73:53
Marsela McLeod               Finished (sorry, I did not capture the time) 
Keith Campbell               DNF
Val Springett                DNF