2nd September 2008 Loch Belivat Evening Event – Results

We thought that we were going to escape the rain but unfortunately the heavens opened - and didn't it rain!! However, some hardy soles ventured out into the wilderness and most returned having found the majority of the controls. The weather had extreme effect - especially on those that did not finish.

We were pleased to see members from BASOC, MOR, a club in Germany, and a group of children from schools in and around Sutherland. Due to the atrocious weather and the distance that they had travelled, these children completed only the yellow course and in pairs, even though some would have got a lot out of the orange course that was set out. Hence, we had no one attempt the orange at all.

I would really like to thank Iain, Jo, and Rozy Shepherd, and David Summers, for helping us collect the controls in even though it was nearly pitch black (and Rozy needed to get home and complete her homework!).

Several orienteers found the control located alongside the hide (bird hide) difficult to find and we would take this into account in planning on this area in the future.

Joy Cameron

Yellow - 1.7km

Well done for managing to even get started - the torrential rain was unbelievable!

Jessie       21.13
Lee          41.28
Rian         36.58
Shania       36.21
Dani         26.49
Abe          21.19
Liam         35.23
Rick         27.11
Logan        35.25
Calum        21.10
Luis         21.16
Jasmin       26.49
Bethan       35.11
Louise       35.59

Light Green - 3.3km

M. Cromar       M75     MOR      DNF
P. Cromar       W75     MOR      Missed control
S. Nicolson     W50     INVOC    Missed control
N. Atherton     W60     BASOC    DNS
L. Davidson     W70     INVOC    DNF
M. Mac Cormick  W60     BASOC    DNF

Green - 4.6km

J. Shepherd     W16     INVOC    38.07
C. Salisbury    M40     INVOC    38.25
C. Scott        M50     BASOC    47.09
I. Shepherd     M45     INVOC    47.29
Hippie          M35     Germany  48.21
R. Shepherd     W14     INVOC    51.23
J. Warde        M50     INVOC    57.08
J. Ledger       M21     INVOC    62.25
A. Smith        W40     MOR      63.10
A. Smith        W21     INVOC    65.43
M. Atherton     M65     BASOC    73.15
M. Aldridge     M50     MOR      81.26
R. Hornby       M40     MOR      Missed control
R. Robb         M65     INVOC    Missed control
S. Robertson    M60     INVOC    Missed control
M. Rodgers      M45     MOR      Missed control
L. Hutchison    W50     INVOC    DNF
E. Jones        W50     INVOC    DNF
D. Summers      M45     INVOC    DNF (due to lack of light)