25th May 2011 Littlemill Evening Event Results

Ewan and I were really pleased with the turn out for this evening event. We had 48 competitors and only had 50 maps for the actual event, so we were lucky not to run out of maps. There was a good amount of juniors taking part, some of them from the schools that Joy teaches at. There were also a few adult new comers to orienteering. We were fortunate with the weather which held off from the rain and wind for us.

Thanks to the following people for helping to collect controls in at the end of the evening: Jo Shepherd, Iain Shepherd, Ray Walder and Dave Summers.

Joy and Ewan Cameron

Results these were done by watch so apologies for them being recorded by the minute only.


Freda Matthewson        W10          21 mins
Edie Matthewson         W8           24
Janice Macbeath         W50          22
Gavin Macbeath          M20          22
Mark Grant              M9           36
Jonah Williams          M11          36
Gregor King             M9           19
Catriona Robertson      W12          19
Fiona King              W45          22
Kate Farman             W12          20
John Williamson         M12          14
Cameron Long            M12          31


Jane Setford            W45          35 mins
Hannah Farman           W14          33
Pollyanna Grey          W14          31
Alex Farquharson        M16          47
Stuart Dingwall         M16          33
Sam Gebicke-Kerr        M16          26
Siobhan Gebicke-Kerr    W12          35
Kieran Watts            M12          26
Logan Mathieson         M14          34
Neil McFadden           M12          44
Patrick Tibbs           M11          30
Alistair Tibbs          M12          43
Doug Miekljohn          M50          54
Kirsteen Miekljohn      W11          54
Rhona McKenzie          W45          47

Light Green

Isobel Setford          W16          69 mins
Rowan White             M12          43
Tom Mathieson           M50          64
Reuben Green            M12          ??
Finlay McNeil           M12          ??
Colin Farman                         ??


Kevin Holliday          M40          56 mins
Tom McKeith             M16          51
Douglas McKeith         M55          47
Ray Walder              M65          69
John McFadden           M45          52
Andrew Tibbs            M45          75
Joan Noble              W60          88
George Reynolds         M65          64
David Summers           M50          67
Kevin Ramsay            M35          64
Andrew Stevens          M40          55
Iain Shepherd           M45          57
Jo Shepherd             W20          43
Catherine Pearks        W35          84
Val Springett           W60          dnf