19th August 2008 Littlemill Evening Event – Results

They arrived as soon as we set up Registration and they just kept coming. Afterwards they all agreed it had been a very enjoyable and productive evening. Enough about the midges….

Many thanks to the 13 INVOC, 6 MOR and 1 BASOC members who attended this event. A rather disappointing turn out from INVOC in what is a quality, local area. A wet morning had maybe put folk off but the evening was dry though lacking in wind! Or are you all saving your energy for the Club Champs this Sunday?

All seemed to enjoy Joanna's courses with the route choice possibilities on the "long legs" on Green (1.3km) and Light Green (1.2km) being the main talking points.

Many thanks to Joy and Ewen Cameron for helping to collect controls.

Iain Shepherd (Organiser)

Yellow - 2.5km

Ross Maclean       INVOC  M8    28:54

Orange - 3.1km

Scott Maclean      INVOC  M14    28:06
Robert Hornby      MOR    M12    39:10

Light Green - 3.5km

Jordan Ledger      INVOC  M21    55:42
Carol Taylor       INVOC         59:24
Tom Chapman        MOR    M16    68:09
Carole Chapman     MOR    W45    73:48
Lesley Campbell    INVOC      DNF
Sue Nicolson       INVOC      DNF

Green - 4.1km

Andy Hyslop        BASOC           32:53
Jon Hollingdale    MOR             33:40
Mike Rodgers       MOR    M45      36:48
Mirko Hoppe    USV Jena/INVOC H35  38:56
Colin Salisbury    INVOC  M40      44:14
Jonathan Warde     INVOC  M50      46:03
Roo Hornby         MOR    M40      46:15
Ray Walder         INVOC  M60      50:18
David Summers      INVOC  M45      54:02
Rozy Shepherd      INVOC  W14      57:06
Val Springett      INVOC  W60      73:00