24th August 2011 Carse Evening Event Results

We had a good turn-out of 50 people for the event, including quite a few from Moravian, and thanks very much to all who came along. It really was the cliched game of two halves, with the early starters enjoying dry, even sunny conditions. Thunder, lightning and rain moved in to give the later starters a much tougher time, and there were several tales of woe due to gloom and waterlogged spectacles. The precision pinch-punch timing system has produced the results below.

Alec Keith

Yellow (2.4km, 10 controls)

    Megan Keith                      20-52
    Neil McFadden                    31-07
    Ian McFadden                     33-07
    Cameron McFadden                 33-55
    Christopher Hornby               35-15
    Bailey Mutseyekwa                44-32
    Lawrence Robins-Bird             57-15

Orange (2.9km, 10 controls)

    Alex Farquharson                 30-40
    Logan Matheson                   37-48 
    Patrick Tibbs                    49-17  
    Hazel Cload (+ Dad)              50-40 
    Jan Adamson                      54-13
    Wendy MacKinnon                  54-13
    Catherine Todd                   57-30
    Ann Sherwyn                      57-30
    Mabel Green                      64-01
    Alastair Ramsay                    dnf
    James Walton                       dnf  
    The Dark Lord                      dnf

Light Green (3.5km, 12 controls)

    Dagmar Borrowman                 36-38
    Rowan White                      40-14
    Paul Borrowman                   41-14
    Finlay Todd                      44-39
    Sam Gebicke-Kerr                 44-42
    Reuben Green                     49-08
    Mieke White                      61-42
    Alastair Tibbs                   63-28
    Heather Walton                   80-50
    Kieran Watts                       dnf

Green (4.5km, 16 controls)

    Callum White                     36-28
    Patrick Walder                   36-53
    Alex Campbell                    41-40
    Tom McKeith                      41-56
    John McFadden                    43-06
    Roo Hornby                       45-13
    Tom Chapman                      46-08
    Douglas McKeith                  47-05
    Kevin Ramsay                     48-54
    Mike Rodgers                     49-42
    Malcolm Aldridge                 49-50
    Nick Green                       52-25
    Ray Walder                       54-00
    George Reynolds                  60-45
    Janet Walton                     66-20
    Tom Matheson                     70-40
    Elaine Jones                     80-12
    Caroline Hornby                  81-25
    Caroline Chapman                 91-20
    Sue Nicolson                     95-42
    David Summers                      dnf