Achilty: Local Evening Event, 29/04/08

Thanks to all those 27 keen orienteers who braved the fuel strike and the forecast to come to Achilty on Tuesday evening. Very few paths made this an excellent opportunity for improving technical skills at all levels (not a night for fast times though) which seemed to be an enjoyable challenge for those taking part. The rain more or less held off and we had an excellent range from young Juniors through to experienced Seniors tackling all three courses. It was good to see some new faces at all ages and stages enjoying there first or second outings. We hope to see you next time too!



 1.  Finlay Todd          M10  INVOC    21:10
 2.  Claire Holiday       W8   INVOC    38:10
 3.  Alison Holiday       W6   INVOC    40:35
 4.  Conn Riordan         M8   IND      47:44
 5.  Eric Todd            M6   INVOC    51:03
 6.  Kenna Macdonald      W7   IND      52:30
 7.  Siobhan Gebicke-Kerr W10  INVOC    59:32
 8.  Scott Rice           M12  IND      71:05


 1.  Calum White          M12  INVOC    38:37
 2.  Mieke White          W40  INVOC    40:49
 3.  Jordan Ledger        M21  IND      43:37
 4.  Judy Holiday         W40  INVOC    70:35
 5.  Margaret MacMillan        IND      95:13


 1.  Jonathan Warde       M50  INVOC    61:23
 2.  Mirko Hoppe          M35  USV      67:37
 3.  Stewart Robertson    M60  INVOC    80:14
 4.  Laura Teesdale       W21  INVOC    88:38
 5.  Tom Heath            M60  INVOC    88:39