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INVOC Fixtures

January 2019  

Weds 16 Jan - Littlemill (Northern Night Cup).  O/P Alec & Megan Keith.  SI: Joan Noble, SSO: Dave Summers

February 2019 Sun 10 Feb – Anagach (Regional event – C). O: Catherine Todd, P: Jon Shepherd, SI: David Hall, C: Donald Grassie (MOR)     
March 2019 Sun 10 Mar: Abriachan (Local). O: Ian Shread, P:tbc, SI: tbc    
April 2019 Sun 7 April: Belivat. O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc    
May 2019  

Weds 2 May: Culloden (local). O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc


Weds 16 May: Evanton (local). O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc


Weds 29 May: Craigmonie. O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc

June 2019 Sun 16 June: Keppernach (Regional). O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc    
July 2019      
August 2019   Fri 2 August: Craig a Barns, Pitlochry (National, Scottish 6 Day).  O: ELO & TAY, P: Kevin Holliday & Dave Summers.  C: tbc  
September 2019

Sun 1 Sept: Nairn East Beach.  O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc


Sun 29 Sept: Nairn (Urban, regional, SOUL). O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc

Fri 6, 13, 20 Sept: Kinmylies, Ness Castle, Lochardil or Dalneigh (Local urban). O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc  
October 2019      
November 2019 Sun 24 Nov: Carse of Ardesier.  O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc Mon 4 Nov: Visionteering, Inverness City Centre. O/P Colin Salisbury,  SI: tbc, C: tbc  
December 2019   Weds: tbc Dec: tbc (local, night, NNC). O: tbc, P: tbc, SI: tbc, C: tbc  


Orienteering is primarily an individual sport, but we participate in 5 club competitions a year - three of which are for juniors only. The 2018 competitions are almost all done now.  For juniors there is still the Inter-areas at the end of October to take part in. Watch out for the dates for the 2019 team competitions: CompassSport Cup/Trophy, Scottish Champs Relays, Jamie Stevenson Trophy (Juniors), Inter-area (Juniors) and next year's Junior Challenge.

 North Clubs' Fixtures

Our neighbouring clubs also offer a range of events and activities (see links to their websites to the left). Moravian have a monthly programme of fixtures very accessible from Inverness. Clicking here gives a listing of all events within 50 miles of Inverness of Level D or above.  

The SOA website also has information about events all around Scotland, and details for all UK events can be found on the British Orienteering website.

 Major Scottish Events

The major Scottish events consist of 7 Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) fixtures, the Scottish Orienteering Urban League (SOUL) and the Scottish Championships. These are open events and all club members can enter.

Events Guide:

Local/Evening/Level D events: usually about 3 courses from easy-ish to hard-ish, very relaxed, help available
Level C events: 6 or more colour coded courses for all abilities, get points for the Club League, British Orienteering ranking list points, help available
SOL events: full range of colour coded courses, part of national series, age group competition, pre-entries
6 day: 3000+ orienteers from around the world...

See the Results page for INVOC event results.

Check out the SOA website for the full list of events across Scotland.