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If you're totally new to the sport, we would be delighted to have you join us. We're a family-friendly club, and whilst we do enjoy a bit of friendly competition, what really motivates us is bringing newcomers into our sport. Orienteering is a small community, growing all the time - and those that get into it display a tendency to get hooked for life!

As a member you'll be kept up to date with what is going on locally by email, plus information about all that is happening on the Scottish orienteering scene. Members also get British Orienteering mailings, have entry rights to British Championship events, can join the national ranking scheme, have voting rights, can be selected for national squads and teams, and get various other discounts and benefits.

Membership fees for 2017

Your total annual membership fee includes INVOC membership and Scottish Orienteering Association/British Orienteering membership.

For 2016 INVOC membership fees are:

Senior (born 1996 or earlier) - £23

Junior (born 1997 or later) - £5.30

Family - definitely cheaper than joining separately, but exact cost depends on the make-up of your family.

Note: your membership period runs up to 31st December - this is controlled by a national federation - after which you need to renew.  

It is quick and easy to sign up on the British Orienteering website, it just takes a few simple steps to complete the process.

Join INVOC now!

You can also get forms from the British Orienteering website to apply by post, or information to apply by telephone. There is an option to pay by Direct Debit. For more information please contact Jim Finlayson, membership"at"

Please also join our Facebook page which is probably the best way to keep in touch with what's happening in the club.

Small print stuff:

Joining an orienteering club in Scotland means, in all but a few odd cases, signing up to the national bodies for the sport at Scottish and British level as well as to your club. It may seem a bit convoluted but it is the same with most other sports - and it does mean participants are directly linked to, and contribute to, the bodies that run the sport in this country. So when you join INVOC, you also join the Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA) and British Orienteering.

At present all members join the SOA and British Orienteering as individuals, either seniors (born 1994 or earlier) or juniors (born 1995 or later). You can join INVOC as a senior or junior individual member, but we also continue to offer a family membership option (up to 2 seniors plus juniors living at the same address).  You can access this option via the British Orienteering website.