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2017 Club League

Updated following Culloden and that's all 4 leagues completed for 2017 so these are final placings.

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Senior A   -   Senior B   -   Junior A   -   Junior B


Final League Tables from Previous Years

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Final League standings for 2016

With a really enjoyable and family-friendly event at Evanton, we have now wrapped up all of our 2016 programme.  So its now time to announce our champions from the 4 leagues.

Click Here for a PDF of the tables


Junior B League 

1st place with 10344 points is Finlay Raynor

2nd place with 8086 points is Oscar Shepherd

3rd place with 6166 points is Oliver Kinghorn

Finlay's score is highly impressive and with an average score of 1321, gains promotion into the Junior A League.


Junior A League 

1st place with 12934 points is Alasdair Raynor

2nd place with 10145 points is David Hall

3rd place with 9167 points is Ronan Blackwood


Senior B League 

1st place with 17821 points is William Nicolson

2nd place with 15475 points is Stephen Bunn

3rd place with 12895 points is Caroline Marwick 

All 3 scored impressively this year, with an average exceeding 1600, and so all 3 gain promotion to the Senior A League.


Senior A League 

1st place with 14960 points is Laurence Cload

2nd place with 14085 points is Finlay Todd

3rd place with 13196 points is James Laird


Like last year we have had an excellent turnout to our events, with 62 juniors and 84 Seniors taking part.  Well done all of you!

Prizegiving will take place at our Nairn Urban event in January.  Hopefully I will see you all there.

Alastair Kinghorn - Leagues


PS Any errors or omissions please email leagues at, as he is only human and mistakes happen!


2015 Final League Standings

Well would you believe it, its the end of another Orienteering Year!  And of course this means the final INVOC League results for 2015.

This year has been noticeable by the sheer numbers of competitors taking part - 87 Seniors and 66 Juniors.  This is probably the healthiest the Club has been for participation for many many years - well done everybody. 

Congratulations to the 2015 Club League winners Laurence Cload (A League), Jon Shepherd (B League), Jenny Blackwood (Junior A) and Finlay Raynor (Junior B).  Roll on next year.... Photos of the prize winners at Nairn below.


Final 2015 League Standings (pdf)

Alastair Kinghorn: leagues 'at'

The INVOC Club League

The INVOC Club League is an annual competition for INVOC club members. Members score points for successful completion of their course at designated League events through the year, and are ranked on their performance. The League was started to encourage club members to come to more local colour coded events and to give more competitive orienteering for members who didn't travel further afield to larger events. The League is split into different divisions and small trophies are awarded to the first 3 in each, presented at the AGM.

Open A League - for M/W18+ and top younger juniors competing on TD5 (Green/Blue/Brown) courses

Open B League - aimed mainly at M/W18+ novices and those competing below TD5

Junior A League - M/W16, M/W14 and experienced younger juniors

Junior B League - less experienced M/W12 and below

British Orienteering Rankings: Second year M/W16s and above who are British Orienteering members are also included in the BO Rankings - a sort of giant UK-wide league. You can get ranking points at most Level C and other bigger events. You can look at your position in the club, in your age class, or in Scotland - no prizes, but it can be fun and a challenge to try and climb the list. Your six best scores over a rolling year count. Have a look on the British Orienteering website rankings page.

 The Leagues Explained - information, rules etc.

Which events are included? INVOC, Moravian and BASOC Level C colour coded events which have the full range of courses (at least Yellow to Blue) are normally included in the League, along with any other suitable Level C events put on by other clubs within the local area. Other events are sometimes included, for example junior champs (Junior Leagues only), middle distance races, or suitable Level D events.

For 2015 we are extending the Open B League and the Junior Leagues to include suitable INVOC Level D events.

How are points calculated? The average of the first 3 finishers' times for your course is divided by your time and the result multiplied by the relevant magic number:

White - 400    Yellow - 800    Orange - 1200    Light Green - 1600    Green - 2200    Blue - 3000    Brown - 4000

Where there is no Brown the Blue weighting may be increased, and adjustments may be made for other less common options (Black, Long Orange etc.). Your final points score for the year is the total of your best scores from half the number of events - for example your best 4 scores if there are 7 or 8 counting events in the year.

Why is the League split? This gives more members a chance of winning a prize - small trophies are awarded to the first 3 in each League and presented at the AGM.

New members: The Junior Leagues are limited to M/W16 and under, so new M/W18s, 20s and adult members start in the Open B League, although those who are already experienced orienteers when they join may go straight into the Open A League. New M/W14s and 16s start in the Junior A League, and new M/W10s and 12s start in the Junior B League.

Promotion: Junior B League competitors are promoted to A when they become M/W14s, or if they finish in the top 3 with a suitably impressive score (average 1200). Junior A League competitors are promoted to the Open Leagues when they become M/W18s, or if they finish in the top 3 with a suitably impressive score (average 2200); promotion can be straight to the Open A League if the scores obtained merit this, otherwise to the Open B League. Open B League competitors are promoted to the Open A League if they finish in the top 3 with a suitably impressive score (average 1600).

Relegation: Open A League competitiors competing below TD5 in the previous season can request a move to the B League at the discretion of the committee if they anticipate continuing to do so.

Event officials: If, at the end of the year, someone misses out on getting scores for the counting number of events for the year (e.g. has 3 scores when it is best 4 to count) due to planning, organising or controlling one of the League events they can claim points for that event. The points awarded would be the average of the person's other counting scores.

So what's the secret of winning? First of all, go to as many events as you can. You will see from the results that most years there are people who could have won their League if they had been to the full number of counting events, and people who go to more events can discard their lowest scores.