Inverness Orienteering Club, or INVOC as we are better known, is the local orienteering club for the Inverness area and much of the rest of highland Scotland. If you are new to orienteering, our New to orienteering? page offers a starting point  to find out a bit more about the sport, and our About INVOC page tells you a little bit about the club.

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 Welcome to the INVOC website.

Recent website updates:

16th Jan: Littlemill NNC Additional Info

14th Jan: 2019 INVOC Coaching and Training Needs Survey added

12th Jan: Anagach Provisonal Details added.

2019 Membership renewals due


Our wonderful Membership Secretary Zoe Mackenzie would like to remind you all to renew your INVOC membership by Friday 14th December 2018, to be ready to enter events from 1 January 2019. Please read the full information on the INVOC website first because there are 2 membership options (BOF, SOA & INVOC, or, SOA & INVOC) and you'll need to carefully consider which one to go for

Any queries to Zoe at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our next event(s):  

Weds Jan 16th - Littlemill, Inverarnie. Northern Night Cup Round 5.  Medium and long courses in our local favourite, based from the hall.  Courtesy of Alec and Megan Keith.

Details and Online Entry and Additional Info

 Training and Coaching:

Technique training: Sign up for the 2019 INVOC training squads (juniors and seniors), have your say about what technique training we should be doing and when we should be doing it.  Fill in the 2019 Coaching and Training Needs survey here by Monday 28th January.

Running training: The park run is a regular for many INVOCs including our best runners. For those using Strava as a training log join the INVOC Strava club. This week's Strava training league table is here     

Coach CPD Day: Jan 19th at Logie Steading.  Details further below.

Our next Team INVOC races:

17th March 2019.   Compass Sport Cup, Central belt, being hosted by CLYDE.  Venue to be confirmed.  Looking to get as large a team as possible.  We need 25 runners at orange standard or above.  The more that come the merrier it is, and the better our chance of beating our recent best performance of 3rd.  Contact Dave Summers Club Captain if unsure about which course to run.   More info to follow when we know the venue. 

The next few 'local' events 





Weds Jan 16th INVOC Local night event - NNC5 

Littlemill details - Online entries - Additional info

Weds Jan 23rd MOR Local night event - NNC6  Findhorn
Sun Feb 10th INVOC Regional Event Anagach
Sat Feb 16th MOR Local Event Gordonstoun
Sun Mar 3rd MOR Regional Event Darnaway, Nr Brodie
Sun Mar 10th INVOC Local Event Abriachan, Nr Inverness
Sun Mar 17th CLYDE Compass Sport Cup - run for INVOC Venue to be announced.

See the Events page for all forthcoming INVOC fixtures and links to other clubs' and national fixture lists.   

Coach CPD day - "Low Effort Coaching”  Saturday 19 January, 2019  10- 4 pm 

Facilitated by Sarah Dunn (RDO North).  Logie Steading, Dunphail 

The aim of this coach CPD day will be to share ideas on how we can set-up and run valuable club coaching opportunities which don’t take hours or days to plan and implement. The underlying philosophy being that the benefits of e.g. 10 training sessions @80% vastly exceed the benefits of 2 @100%. We will run the day through a mix of brain-storming workshop and practical sessions to test out some ideas.

Participants should come with an open mind and bring at least one idea to share with others. If you are interested in chatting with others (INVOC, MOR, GRAMP, MAROC  all are invited) then get your name down! It's a great opportunity to engage with other clubs coaches and members involved with developing our sport.

The session is open to any club member who is active in coaching at any level, formal and informal. There is no cost to the participants or clubs. 

Bring your own lunch and compass.
 We will cap the session at 25 and registration will be first come, first served bases. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your commitment to participate.

Craig Leach - Northern Night Cup 1 - Weds Dec 6th

[posted Dec 7th]

Thanks to everyone who came along to Craig Leach last night to open Season 4 of the Northern Night Cup.  Thanks in particular to Johannes Petersen who after offering to run a NNC event for INVOC iabout a year ago, had it cancelled due to bad weather and ran it this month instead.  

Craig Leach - amended final results correcting an error - apologies for the confusion

Johannes report: Can I first of all give my special thanks to the following people: Alexander Baillie (Dochfour Estates) for giving us permission. Alison Smith who gave up her evening to ensure the parking did eventually run smoothly. Alec & Megan Keith who sorted all the SI timing – I don’t think anyone could tell that was their debut SI performance! James Laird who advised on event safety. Wullie Nicolson, Iain Shepherd and especially visiting BAOC runner Dougal MacEwan for collecting controls.

Control 157:  Having reviewed GPS tracks from a couple of runners who were kind enough to share them with me, it is evident that control 157 was not in the right place. It looks like I put it approximately 50m to the west of the mapped site.  My apologies to everyone whose run was affected by this. By the looks of it most people actually hit 157 pretty easily, but then struggled more with 166 or 162, which isn’t surprising given that you would have been starting from wrong place! Again, my apologies. The best solution is to void all legs involving that control, and the amended results have now been added to the website.


Club League - Final Standings for 2018

[posted 26th Nov]

Congratulations to all those who took part in the club league (even if you didn’t realise you were doing so!) and congratulations to the podium places, plus commiserations to those who lost places in the final event of the league. In all four leagues positions were up for grabs going into Loch of Boath, but as it turned out decisive and strong running by the pre-race favourites Megan Keith and Laurence Cload in their respective leagues ensured that they justified their favourites tag, and Marsela McLeod's lead was just too big to close.

The junior boys league was the most intriguing. With the top 4 before the race all choosing to run up. Angus Laird and Norbert Otreba in an effort to get more points challenged themselves and attempted their first competitive TD5 course (short green – with their scores weighted by 130%), whilst Finlay Raynor and Oscar Shepherd were running blue despite only being M14s (with their scores weighted by 140%). Well done to all of them, but it was tough in the forest and when all was done and dusted only 90 points off almost 5,500 separated the top 3, with Oscar despite his lead going into the race and his good run on the blue dropping out of the podium places.

How close is 90 points? Well it constitutes about 45 seconds gap for each of the 5 counting events. Interesting to see that James Laird is also just 90 points behind Laurence Cload – seconds do matter…… Full results are on the website, but the podium places are below.

Junior Female League 

1st place with 5671 points is Megan Keith

2nd place with 5531 points is Eilidh Simpson

3rd place with 4680 points is Iona Scott

Junior Male League 

1st place with 5410 points is Angus Laird

2nd place with 5360 points is Finlay Raynor

3rd place with 5321 points is Norbert Otreba

Senior Female League 

1st place with 4205 points is Marsela Mcleod

2nd place with 3886 points is Susan Blackwood

3rd place with 3874 points is Jacquie Laird

Senior Male League 

1st place with 4583 points is Laurence Cload

2nd place with 4493 points is James Laird

3rd place with 4274 points is Finlay Todd

Thanks to Jon Shepherd and Wullie Nicolson for doing the league calculations in 2018.

Sun Nov 25th - Loch of Boath - results

[posted 25th Nov]

What a lovely crisp, sunny day at Loch of Boath today!☀️ Big well done to Gilly, Guy & Marsela  for planning and organising a great event, to Alasdair for yummy cake and tea and to all the volunteers who helped make the event run smoothly!  This  was the final event of the club league and Wullie brought his laptop along.  Provisional results are that the winners are: Megan (girls), Angus Laird (boys), Marsela McLeod (womens) and Laurence Cload (mens).  Congratulations to everyone who took part.


Loch of Boath results uploaded

Visionteering - Monday 12th November

[posted Nov 14th]

Thank you Run4It for hosting. We had a brilliant time. Thank you to all the volunteers as well, especially Colin Salisbury for planning and organising, and Susan and Ronan Blackwood for handling the event timing.  Sorry about the control in the locked car park..... some things don't always go to plan.  Congratulations to the sock winners and also lucky number 69 who won the choice of a running jacket or petzl headtorch. 

Results for Vizionteering

Inter-Areas Relays and Individual, Forres & Roseisle.  October 26th/27th.    

Well done to Team North for the win and all the INVOC juniors who contributed. 

Big thanks to Jenny Hall who co-ordinated Team North. Big get well to Catherine Todd who broke her foot celebrating (well not quite - she broke it in the youth hostel on Saturday night).